06 February 2007

Build a Bear...Or a Dog, Or a Cat

Some friends wanted to take the girls to Build-A-Bear for their Christmas present. We went on Sunday and a great time was had by all. Addi quickly chose a pink kitty-cat and Mom and Dad quickly chose a (washable) dog for Libby.

Picking out a heart; Addi picked one that said "I Love You", so, naturally Libby picked the same heart!

Next, came stuffing the animals. Addi went first and Libby couldn't hardly wait to step on that pedal after she saw Addi doing it!

Bryan and Addi helped Libby bathe her dog. This bathing inspired Addi to use real soap and water to bathe her cat when we got home :)

Libby would have been perfectly happy to take this one home, as long as the stroller came with it!

The perfect shoes...these are gold and silver sandals with a small heel!
Addi took a while to pick out a name. She decided on Katey Kitty Parker. When it was time to name Libby's dog, we used Addi's second favorite name, Betty.

Libby with Betty the dog

Addi with Katey Kitty