01 February 2007

Thank You (+ a kiss)

Little Reagan (that is...Libby) has learned a new sign...thank you. For all you non-sign-language folks, it looks a little like this:

However, Reagan likes to add a kiss to hers! Even if she just hears someone else say "Thank you", she will blow a kiss! It is very cute and very sweet. I thought all of our loved ones far away from us (who will probably not get a chance to see her sign thank you "incorrectly") would enjoy knowing this little thing about her. I wish I could get a picture of her doing it, but you have to be lightning fast to get a good picture of her :) She is constant motion! For instance, I tried to snap a picture of her today while she was under the kitchen curtains looking out at the snow. This is the best I got:

And, yes, that is her under the curtains, or at least that is the back half of her :)