21 February 2007


In the wee hours of this morning, my alarm went off. I turned over and hit snooze with a groan. I remembered my intentions last night. I remembered the list I wrote that included getting up early to work-out. I remembered how yucky I've been feeling because I've been failing at making time to exercise.

So...I got up. Bryan was already gone. He leaves the house all too early to work-out at his company's new fitness center. That meant some sort of home work-out was in store for me. Have you ever watched fitTV? Mornings like this were made for a work-out with fitTV.

But, who is that crying in her room? No, this is my morning! I didn't get up early to take care of someone else. I got up early to take care of me! Addi makes sure to be up before Bryan leaves and he fixes her cereal...couldn't be Addi. It's Libby. What in the world is she doing awake? I cannot let getting up early backfire on me! Libby is my late-sleeper...if I leave her alone, she's been known to sleep until 9. I decided she would be fine eating while I exercised. I got her up, changed her diaper and took her downstairs with me.

I asked her if she wanted an orange or a banana to eat with her Cheerios. She wouldn't respond. Maybe she wanted raisins or no fruit at all. I poured some cereal into a bowl and set it on the table with her cup of milk. She pushed the bowl away and made a shrieking sound. By now, it was about 1 minute until a new show was starting and I was feeling Oh-So-Selfish. I just want to get some exercise and now I won't be able to because you won't eat what I feed you every morning and if I miss the beginning of the show I won't get the full 30 minutes in and then the exercising is practically pointless and I can't do the next show because I have to get into the shower before Logan gets here and then I'll have to get everyone ready for preschool...
She pointed to the pantry door. Now, the child always eats Cheerios and fruit for me. On Saturday, my wonderful husband gets up with the girls and feeds her oatmeal. I opened the pantry, pull out the oatmeal and got an affirmative nod from my youngest. She wants oatmeal! I cannot do oatmeal. She just had a bath and she'll get it all in her hair if I let her feed herself. Obviously, I can't feed her because I am going to work-out! So, as much as I appreciate him feeding the kids on the weekends, this morning I did not appreciate that his feeding Libby oatmeal for breakfast backfired on me.

But, I had a solution. Addi loves to help me. She would surely think it was neat to feed her sister breakfast. After all, she loves to feed Logan a bottle. Well...except that one time...I was trying to change Libby's diaper and Logan needed to eat at the same time. Addi sat on the couch with Logan and fed her a bottle, but she wouldn't pay attention to what she was doing and kept letting the bottle fall out of poor Logan's mouth. Needless to say, Logan was screaming by the time I was finished with Libby and Addi was a little flustered. She still sweetly offered to keep feeding Logan if I needed to do something else, however, I said something like I would finish because I was the Mommy and it was my job. If only the words watch what you say had run through my mind before making that comment!
This morning when I asked Addi to feed Libby, she very sweetly said, "No, that's not my job. I'm not the mommy."...another backfire!

So, I guess my choices are:
1) Get up at 4 am to work-out
2) Forget exercise...I mean doesn't chasing your kids around all day count for something?!

And, since I'll be up late tonight watching the Aggies, I'm leaning toward the latter. Isn't blogging some sort of exercise?...maybe?

Addi and Libby exercising right along with fitTV. They love the channel!