22 February 2007

I'm just a little sick

Addi came home from preschool and didn't want to eat lunch. Instead, she asked that I take her up to her room because she was sleepy. This is very unusual for her lately...she has really been fighting naptime. In fact, I had already told her that she didn't have to take a nap today because she had a new movie she wanted to watch. But, if there is anything I have learned in my 4+ years of being a mommy, it is to never argue with a child who asks to sleep!

She woke from her nap feeling better, but then decided she should probably lay down in the playroom while she watched her new movie. I just walked by and told her I hoped she wasn't sick because we are supposed to play with Isabelle in the morning. She said, "Oh, Mommy, I'm just a little sick. I have gas in my tummy, my nose is stuffy, and my ears hurt. We can still go to her house since I'm just a little sick."

Then she added, "But, we may need to go to the doctor before we go to Isabelle's house."

Well, that's reassuring...I guess.