20 February 2007

Libby's 18 month stats

Libby turned 18 months old on Sunday. I have been meaning to post pictures, but all I have of this week involve her running around in nothing but Robeez. She's a hard one to get a picture of...maybe we'll get some made this weekend. It has been forever since I have actually paid for a picture of her! I'll have to dig out Addi's stats for when she was 18 months, but I'm fairly certain Libby is a little smaller than she was, at least as far as the weight percentile.

weight 23 pounds, 10 ounces (40th)
height 31 1/2 inches (46th)
head 18 3/4 inches (80th...my kids always have large heads!)

She is developing well and didn't shed a tear with either shot. Praise the Lord for my healthy little girl! She lights up our world.