25 August 2011

First Day of School 2011

The girls started school on Monday.  Addison is in 3rd grade and Libby is in 1st grade.  Amazing!  Where did the time go??!  They both love their new teachers and are getting to know new friends. Homework hasn't really started, so we'll see if they change their tunes once that gets going :)

Of course, I couldn't snap pics of the girls without Brother jumping in front of the camera!  Levi will start preschool in a couple weeks, so I'll post his first day pic then.

A note about Levi's clothes:  He picked them out himself, which is unusual.  While My Boy never complains when I pick out his clothes/dress him, he whines if he's expected to do either of those things!  What a change from 3 year old little girls!  I don't want to completely corrupt him, so I am making him pick out his own clothes and dress himself these days.  Yesterday he wore his too-short Wranglers with an old t-shirt and flip-flops and wouldn't heed my advice about shorts, (I mean, why should he?  It's only been getting up to 105*/106* this week!) so he proceeded to whine most of his ride in the jogging stroller on my 4 mile run.  Amen for an Ipod and earbuds :)