10 February 2010

We'll be leavin' on jet plane

bound for New York in just 2 days!
So, I'm blogging. It's not like I have anything else to do! I know it makes no sense, I don't blog for week(s) and then decide to write a catch-up post when I should be packing, cleaning, cooking, etc., etc., etc. I work well under the pressure of a deadline. At least, that's what I tell myself. :)
Since I last posted, we've been busy.
Levi has had lots of time to play with Zoe. It has either rained or been too cold (or both!) for her to stay outside. She's an old dog and used to thrive outdoors in ice, snow, wind, and rain, but now we bring her in on especially cold days/nights. On the few sunny days we've had, she's begged to go out. That causes Levi to either stand at the back door calling her or follow me around begging to go "'side ZoZo?"

How he loves that dog!

Bryan has been to Houston a few times for work and was able to stay last weekend so he could make the short drive to College Station for one of his best buddies promotion party. Congratulations, Major Glenn! I didn't even think of sending him with the camera so we have no pictures of the weekend. Maybe that's actually better since I've happened upon some of the pictures he has from college with all his buddies. Surely they've matured since then, right?! He had a great time and best of all (for him) he missed the stomach bug Addi brought home from school on Friday. I didn't get any pictures of that event either. You're welcome.

My parents came over just before bedtime one night with ice cream and all the fixings. The kids had a blast making sundaes and them gobbling them up! They didn't stay long, claiming they didn't want to keep the kids up too late, fleeing before the sugar had time to really affect the little darlings. The joys of grandparent-hood!

Thanks, Grammy and Grandpa for cementing in their minds that I will never be as fun as their grandparents. :) (I'm being completely genuine in my appreciation. Otherwise I wouldn't have as ready an excuse when I deny fun..."Sorry that's a Grammy/Nana thing!")

I've also decided to finish begin finishing work on a project I started before Addi's birthday. In November. I saw somewhere on a blog, and I wish I knew where, a project this lady did in her playroom. She took cute, colorful scrapbook paper and used glue dots to attach them to one wall. The result was an adorable patchwork looking wall! I thought it would be perfect for two spots in Addison's room. I waited until the scrapbook paper was 50% off at Hobby Lobby. After I had all my supplies I climbed a ladder one Sunday evening (thinking it would only take about a hour or so) to attach the squares. Then I realized what I'd gotten myself into. You see the wall I saw was a regular, perpendicular-to-the-floor wall. The walls I am working on are angled. It took about 3 minutes for the papers to begin fluttering to the floor. After a few more trips to Hobby Lobby, I was convinced I would have to hot glue those babies to the ceiling/walls and I wasn't sure how that would look in a few years when she wants a room redo. I consulted with a good, crafty friend and she mentioned ModPodge. I had started mulling over attaching the papers to poster boards and then tacking the poster boards to the ceiling/walls. So, a couple nights ago, my strong, handsome, awesome husband moved a couple 6-foot tables into our entryway from the garage. Yesterday I began "gluing" the papers down and then ModPodge-ing over them. It has gotten way complicated, but I'm determined to win this one! Because the size of the papers do not divide evenly into the size of the poster boards, I have to deal with overlap. I plan on lightly ModPodge-ing the overlaps into place once I have all the posters up. This is what it looks like so far. Keep in mind the papers hanging down are the overlap pieces, including about 4 inches of the tops from each on the top row.

When I first brainstormed this project, I knew the corner would be difficult. I'm worried about it now since the "easy" part has been anything but!

The other two walls are normal angles. I'm so thankful now that I only have 2 ceiling/walls to do! That took 4 poster boards and 1 more will be more than enough for the rest of that wall. I'll have to do at least 4 on top of those and the same amount on the other side. I should be done before Christmas! Then I'll just have to get her curtains made, but maybe I won't do those since the last time we completed her room, we found out a couple months later we'd be moving. :)

If I ever finish When I finish, I'll be sure to post pictures.

Now I'm off to eat lunch, finish packing Libby and Levi (because they're going to Poppa and Nana's "in just 2 days!" I've heard all day), lightly ModPodge in Addi's room, shower (no, I haven't done that yet today!), and pick Addi up from school. Then we'll do homework, do chores, cook supper, eat, take baths, put the kids to bed, and I'll pack myself. And, then I fall into bed thinking up new projects to waste my time and make my life more complicated!

Oh, by the way, I'm totally counting these pics as photos for today (and yesterday and the day before...). :)