27 January 2010

pretend it's monday - photo 72

This week, while flying by, is not going as smoothly as I'd hoped. We have a lot on our plates and I thought I could get it all done. Addi has a school project due tomorrow. She almost finished her mountain, complete with cave and hibernating bear, this weekend. The clay just needed to harden so she could paint her bear and add snow to the mountain. This morning I noticed the clay was still super soft, so I thought I could put it in the oven on a low temp for a while. I checked it after about 30 minutes and found a catastrophe! (see pic below)

Yep! I melted her school project. That's due TOMORROW!! We have small group tonight and (I found out Today!) Bryan and I are teaching the kids, so we can't skip. Hello! Wednesday nights are already a little hairy without the addition of an angry 7 year old trying to quickly sculpt a masterpiece. I'll take a pic of the results, but, for now, I've got a lesson to plan.