22 January 2010

photo 71 and a little Levi business

This is a first! Never, before yesterday, had one of my babies fallen asleep at the table. I've heard tales of this phenomenon and even witnessed it from other children on occasion. Of course, it happened at the most inconvenient time. I gave Levi a snack and began fixing our lunch. (Mothering 101 taught me that when I wait too long to start a meal, I must quiet my screaming child with a snack!) The next thing I knew, he's slumped over with his chubby hand still grasping for dried pineapple. About 90 seconds later he was snoring.
He's made himself a little more comfortable here. Do you see the glistening drool? It was all down the side of his seat. :) We needed to leave right after we ate to pick Libby up from preschool, so I couldn't take him to bed and let him sleep out his nap. So, I woke him, stuffed him and threw him in the car, hoping he would take a decent nap once we got back home. Good news! It worked!

If you haven't noticed, Levi got a haircut. I just couldn't stand his 90210 sideburns any longer. I also cringe everytime I have to pay $15+ for his 5 minute haircuts. So, I took matters into my own hands. He and I got into the bathtub and away I went with the clippers. I used the longest guard, but it took A LOT off. Once I started I had to finish and we ended up with a much shorter look than I was going for. It's a bit uneven and patchy and Bryan thinks I need to take him somewhere to have it fixed, but I think it's fine. What do you think?

Last thing: You know that kids are born with the ability to know the minute their moms get on the phone or walk into the bathroom, right? Well, I snuck to the potty this morning and no sooner had I lifted the lid than Levi started twisting the doorknob. He hasn't quite mastered as much rotation as is needed to successfully open a door, yet. I remained as quiet as possible wondering if he would get bored and leave, but he began knocking after a few failed attempts at opening the door. I said, "Oh, someone's at the door! Who is it?" Levi's answer, "Idnnoo!" [translation: I don't know] He makes me laugh. :)