06 January 2010

The Catch-Up Post

UPDATE: I got my wish, sort of. My sweet husband always leaves for work a while before I need to get out of bed, so he always sets his alarm clock for me (even though I have my own alarm clock that I never set) and kisses me goodbye before he feeds Zoe and heads to work. Not long after he left this morning our ringing phone woke me. It was Bryan telling me Addison's school was closed today, which means Libby's school is also closed. I couldn't help but smile as I switch the alarm to OFF. I wasn't smiling 5 minutes later listening to muffled cries come over the baby monitor. After a few minutes of that I decided to get up and feed Levi breakfast before he woke his sisters. Precious Addi was already awake. She'd made her bed, brushed her teeth and was about to get dressed to surprise me! I'd talked her into crawling back into my bed when Libby walked down the stairs ready to eat. So, by the time we'd normally need to wake up, we were eating oatmeal. But, at least I don't have to go out in the cold. :)
Happy 2010! [I feel so old!] I had BIG plans for a Christmas post, a New Year's post, an update on Libby's ear post, a Happy Birthday post for my mom, and posts resuming my picture every day deal. Oh, well! I think I'll still do a Christmas post, at least. Not today though. :)

I've got pictures on my camera and I'd love to show them to you, but that would require me getting off my comfy, warm chair. Maybe I'll post them tomorrow. :)

We are getting back to normal around here with Addison's return to school Monday and Libby returning to preschool tomorrow. MOPS was this morning and we have small group tonight. The weather is supposed to turn Super-Cold tomorrow. Cold enough that I'm trying to come up with excuses not to take the girls to school. I know, I know I'm a cold-weather wimp. Every year around August 1, I vow to never complain about the cold again. I even desire a little cold. But, really, when push comes to shove, I dislike being cold more than being hot. (I think.) Actually, I'd be happy if the temps only ranged from 55 to 75 - Perfection!

Libs had a little bathtub accident on Saturday. Since we were warned to "avoid water at all costs", we decided to give her washcloth baths until she saw the doctor again. The other two needed a bath, so we threw them in the tub and, of course Libby wanted to be in the bathroom with her siblings. While Bryan was bathing Levi, Libby fell in the tub, head first. Fabulous. Apparently no damage was done. I took her to the doctor Tuesday and everything is healing up nicely.

That's pretty much our exciting news. Stay warm and hopefully I'll post something new tomorrow.