29 December 2009

surgery day

Sweet Libby was feeling a little silly in this picture. The medicine was kicking in and she was having trouble sitting up or talking. She kept staring at Bryan and asking him why he had 3 eyes! - "How did you get that other eye, Daddy?", "Who put your 3 eyes on?" Not long after this picture was taken they wheeled her away and we didn't see her for a couple hours. She was still pretty out of it when we did get to see her, but she wasn't crying.

The only time she cried today was when I told her I'd have to put her headband bandage back on after she ripped it off. She almost cried again when I made her take some pain meds. She claims her ear doesn't hurt at all. In fact, she told a nurse her ear felt "good".

Our baby girl's on the mend! We are so relieved that today is over. Many prayers were said on behalf of Libby and we are so thankful for each of them!