11 September 2009

What a wonderful age!

Libby came down the stairs ready for the rain this morning. Doesn't she look ready to splash in raindrops? :) She said that big, cowgirl hat would protect her. (I think it provides added protection if worn backwards :) Addi, careful not to hurt Libby's feelings, whispered, "It is going to be sooooo embarrassing having her walk me to school in that thing!"

Of course, she got tons of smiles and compliments on her hat which made me think of all the moms we passed who saw her and were taken back to a time when their children put on clothes with no worries. Like Libby, they hadn't yet learned to care what others thought of their outfit choices. It is a precious stage that I adore. Well, I admit, I don't always adore it because, unfortunately, I worry about what people think of me. I even worry that people will judge my parenting if I let my child go to the library in a Cinderella dress or the grocery store covered in cheap, plastic jewelry or church in a way-fancy flower girl dress.

I don't worry as much now as I did when Addi was in The Stage and that makes me sad. Sad because I wasted energy worrying about stuff that doesn't really matter and mostly because I took a little of that innocence from her. I made her think there was a reason what she was choosing to wear was wrong. I should have saved my energy to fight her when she wants to wear too-short skirts! The good thing is I've learned to be a little more flexible and to consider priorities before I open my mouth. Sometimes. Like this morning. I let Libby wear the hat and fold her ankle socks over and even wear plastic jewelry and I reminded Addi that she won't be judged by her sister's fashion tastes.

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