29 July 2009


Reagan/Libby/Busy/Lu/Elizabeth (the last is what she prefers these days!) is all about accessories. Addi went through a similar stage, but she wasn't as faithful about it.

Every morning I have to put the same two necklaces on her while she puts on sticker earrings, a headband, various bracelets, perhaps a ring, and always her purse. One of those necklaces is a James Avery cross.

Not too long ago, while I was fastening her cross necklace, she began to tell me that it was a cross and it was the cross Jesus died on for our sins. I nodded or mmm-hmmm-ed or smiled or something of that sort. She walked off to busy herself with something else and Addi tip-toed over to me. Under her breath, and with a look of pity on her face, Addi said, "You know, it might not be the cross Jesus died on. It might be one of the criminals' crosses!" I just nodded or mmm-hmmm-ed or smiled or something of the sort.