24 July 2009

Favorites Week: Bryan, age 33 (with a twist!)

Bryan and I didn't get a chance to go over his favorites, so we'll see how well 12 years of knowing him serves me. Babe, it's about honesty, so don't get upset with me for revealing all your secrets!

favorite foods - Mexican, sushi, steaks, chips and salsa, sugary cereal, salads*
*Many times a waiter will confuse our orders when he brings the food, handing Bryan the "manly" meat plate and passing me the dainty salad. :)

favorite sweet treats - Blue Bell, Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie from Chili's (do they make these anymore?)

favorite things to do - fish, golf, REK concerts, flip channels

favorite tv shows - Band of Brothers, Man Vs. Wild, The Haney Project

favorite clothes - Marine Corps running shorts*, worn-out t-shirts
*Think :: Ed from The Bachelorette in his tiny green shorts. Only shiny!

favorite shoes - flip flops, boots

favorite memory verse - John 15:13, Exodus 15:2, Psalm 138:1, James 5:15-17, Isaiah 40:31