19 March 2009

Haircuts for All

Levi before...pretty shaggy

Levi during...no fussin'

Levi playing with the distraction toy...still no tears

Reagan before...it was a little crazy because it had been pulled up

Addison before...I couldn't believe she wanted to cut it since she's been saying all year she wants to grow it out so she could donate it again!

My handsome little man

The end result...Levi's hair looks so much better, but he looks so much older. :( The girls look adorable, if I do say so myself. Addi's hair could've been a little shorter, but she likes it. Libby started begging (during Levi's haircut) to get her hair cut. Her hair is gorgeous (it must take after Bryan's because it certainly isn't like mine) and it pained me to think of cutting off her silky locks. But, I've known the ease of short hair on little girls before, so I gave in. Then Bryan asked Addi if she wanted a cut also and she was all in. Right after Libby's haircut got started she asked for a lollipop, so, I suspect, that was her motivation. She does like it though, grinning each time she passes a mirror. She's asked Bryan countless times tonight if her hair is still short. We have family pictures on Saturday and I'm tempted to not even stick a bow in the girls' hair. (GASP!) Actually, I'll have to in Libby's since we're steal dealing with the growing out of her self-cut bangs. And if I'm gonna do one girls hair, I might as well do them both. Now I'm the only one left in the family in need of a haircut.

(In case you hadn't noticed, Addi's trying to show off her tattoo. We have some cute "baby" tattoos that we all got into yesterday and she really loves hers. She keeps asking for more. Should I be worried??!)