18 March 2009

as Wordless as I can make it this Wednesday

When Addi turned 2, Bryan and I bought her an ice cream cake from Baskin-Robbins. It had 3 Disney Princesses as toppers, Sleeping Beauty being one of them. She began to ask Bryan the name of each Princess. He knew the first two, but was stumped by Sleeping Beauty, so he told Addi her name was "Mommy". For several years she called Sleeping Beauty "Mommy". Now she refers to her as Aurora. I suppose that's Sleeping Beauty's more sophisticated name. :)

Aurora may be called Sleeping Beauty, but I don't think she holds a candle to my own sleeping beauty. I could watch Addi sleep for hours. She's the most entertaining sleeper of our 3, talking and smiling, sitting up and sometimes even laughing, all while she slumbers. What I like best, though, is how I can still see Baby Addi in Big-Girl Addi's face while she sleeps.