09 February 2009

Not Me! Monday

I've been a horrible blogger this past week and I'll tell you exactly what I have not done, in MckMama fashion, while I have not been blogging.

Well, to start things off, I really meant to post last Wednesday when Levi turned 11 months old. But I needed some pictures uploaded from my camera and I most certainly did not let my camera battery die only to realize that I have not misplaced my charger. I'm much too organized to let those things happen!

Libby's book order was due on Thursday and I did not wait until the last minute to fill out the form and write a check causing much stress because I could not find the checkbook. Again, I never lose things, so that couldn't have happened! I did not instead use 3 "free" coupons I purchased a previous month only to have Libby's teacher call me because only 1 "free" coupon per order is allowed. Now that would just make me look flighty and I am anything but flighty!

I also did not confuse the dates I needed Bryan to take off for preschool registration or my grandparents to babysit Levi and Libby while I went on Addi's field trip. Someone less together might have done something like that, but that's not me!

Thankfully I did not neglect my one goal of the weekend. I did not waste time on Saturday during my alloted time for planning Levi's 1st birthday party. I have priorities!

Over the past six days I have not started more than one post only to abandon it half way through never to return. I would never start something and not finish it! Not me!

I did not almost burst into tears today while explaining, to some teacher I don't know, why I was not late to pick Addi up and not covered in mud. I mean, what kind of mother would I be if my disheveled and dirty self showed up late to pick my daughter up from kindergarten? And the reason would not have been because as I walked out to put Libby and Levi in our double stroller, it was not where I always leave it. My next move would not have been to call my husband in a "freaked-out verging on hysteria" tone expecting him to tell me where the stroller disappeared to and then I would not have snapped at him when he was clueless. No, no, I am always a loving wife! If all that had happened, I definitely would never then decide to "4-wheel" the wagon through the mud at Addi's school in an attempt to shave 4 seconds off my lateness almost resulting in a call to a wagon wrecker company and more mud on my body than I've had in my adult life. Nope, not me!

What have you not done while I've been away? You can read more about what other's have not been doing at
MckMama's blog. Oh, go ahead. It's cheap therapy.