10 February 2009

I can't stop with the "Not Me's!"

I did not, for the second day in a row, show up late to pick Addi up from school just because my neighbor has been picking her up every single Tuesday since August and told me last week she couldn't today. If that had happened, I would have had to wake Libby and Levi up, throw them in the stroller, run through the rain in my flip-flops and tell the same teacher I almost lost it in front of talked to yesterday that I needed to find my daughter because I was late picking her up. (Don't you know this will be the same teacher Libby will have in a couple years?!) Oh, No! Once there is a change in my schedule, I promptly type it into my calendar and remember it no matter what curve balls life throws at me.

I'm ready to start over and think I need another Monday to get it right!

And, yes, we have recovered the stroller. Apparently it blew down the alley this weekend when Bryan had the garage door open. A neighbor, not knowing whom it belonged, stuck it in another neighbor's garage. Thankfully, yet another neighbor saw it and let us know. Whew! Did you follow that?? It doesn't matter. We have it back.