04 January 2009

two-thousand and nine

How did it get to be 2009 already? That means I should've graduated from college almost 10 years ago! Instead I was on the 5-year-plan. Too bad that can't make me a year younger :)

Well the New Year has been pretty busy for us in Its premiere week. Of course, we celebrated New Year's Day and Eve. On the 1st we ate our black-eyed peas and spent some time together. The night before we ate pizza with our neighbors and played games while all 6 of our kids played together. No one was up to see the New Year in. Although, I might or might not have still been awake reading at midnight. On Friday we went to see The Trains at Northpark. Today we met my family to celebrate Grammy's birthday. Happy Birthday, Grammy! And, while this is not such an active event, I should mention Levi turned 10 months old today...more about that tomorrow.

Our Christmas was wonderful! And busy! How was yours? It's hard to believe we've been back in Texas for over a year now. We feel very blessed that our children (and we) get to see their 4 grandparents, 6 great-grandparents, and many aunts, uncles, and cousins over Christmas.

Addi starts school again tomorrow and Libby will start preschool on Tuesday. Poor Lu missed her preschool Christmas party because she was sick, so she's really ready to get back. With tomorrow's high temp predicted to be 30, our walk to and from school should be invigorating. Of course, yesterday the high was 80. I've lived here most of my life. Why does this crazy weather still surprise me?

I have a million stories to share and even more pictures since I last posted, but they'll have to wait. Bryan just started a fire. The couch is calling me.

I'll say goodnight with our Christmas card picture. (That's the non-sharp, plastic ornament hook in Levi's mouth)