05 January 2009

10 Months

Our Little Man is 10 months old! Just as it's been with his sisters, I cannot imagine my life without him. I wonder how I didn't feel as though something was missing before he was born?

A friend once told me that God grew a momma another heart for each new child. I remember worrying when I was pregnant with Libby (as I'm sure all mother's pregnant with their second child do) that I wouldn't have it in me to love her as much as I loved Addi. When I was pregnant with Levi I knew I would love him as much as his sisters because of my experience with his sisters, but I still wondered where that love would come from. I didn't feel like our family was incomplete before I found out I was pregnant with him, yet it was. I didn't have an overwhelming longing for a son. SomeOne else knew. SomeOne else prepared my heart, grew me a heart, if you will, for each child. How thankful I am to the One who knows better than me.

In honor of his 10 months, I'm going to list 10 things that are special to me about Levi David.

Here goes...

  1. his smile - It lights up a room. He smiles with his entire face and he smiles a lot! In fact, he's learned to smile when I point my camera at him. Levi has to be pretty sleepy or sick not to smile at anyone who makes eye contact with him.
  2. his hair - For the most part it has grown out evenly, but he has a clump on the crown of his head that is about 4 inches longer than the rest. I really can't bear to cut it.
  3. his (lack of) teeth - Since he's my last baby, I look at his smooth gums and pretend he's not growing as quickly as he really is. Plus, you know, he's still nursing. No teeth when nursing is a plus. His oldest sister taught me that lesson.
  4. his joy - Levi is joyful. He bounces up in down in joyful delight when he sees me or Bryan or his sisters or Zoe or another kid about his age.
  5. his kisses - These don't happen often, but they are major when they do. If Levi plants one on you, it is wet, it lasts a long time, and it's usually followed by a few more. Like Libby, he doesn't kiss on request though.
  6. his determination - At this age babies are supposed to forget about objects when they are out of sight. No one told Levi this rule. When he decides he wants something, there's no stopping him. When he started trying to climb the stairs he would lose his balance, fall down, cry for approximately 3 seconds, and then begin to crawl up again. Now he crawls all the way to the top several times a day. You should see his smile when he makes it!
  7. his noises - Whether it's a deep growl, a girly-sounding screech, a mamamamamama, a chuckle, whining or a raspberry, Levi has his own noises. He certainly isn't a loud baby, although he can be and I wouldn't say he's all that verbal (this is coming from a momma used to the non-stop chatter that is 2 little girls), but he makes his unique sounds.
  8. his ease - Maybe it's because he's the youngest of 3 or maybe it's because he's a boy or maybe he is just easy-going, but he's pretty easy. He doesn't cry much. He doesn't mind the car or the stroller. He isn't especially needy. He likes his momma, as all babies do at 10 months, but he's okay with other people if he doesn't see his momma. He looks at me and smiles when I sternly tell him NO. His toughest "issue" is still waking up a couple times every night. But, he's small like his sisters were and I haven't forced the issue. When I don't want to get up 2 or 3 times every night, I will or I'll wait till he turns one and wean him. So, even that's not a huge deal to me. Most nights.
  9. his boy-ness - Unless he spots a toy in one of his sisters' rooms, he goes after the most boy-ish toys we have. Now, if he sees a "forbidden" toy, he will do all he can to get his mouth on it, no matter how pink or girly it may be. It honestly amazes me that he naturally prefers balls and cars to dolls.
  10. his self - He is fearfully and wonderfully made! Praise God! There isn't another Levi and I'm the privileged one to call him my son.
I see glimpses of change in him. He's looking older (even with that toothless grin) and doing more. I wish I could remember every smell, every sound, every look, every slobbery kiss because I know those things will be gone all too soon. I love him today just the way he is and I look forward to loving him more with each passing day.