15 January 2009

shoulda known better

I should have known better than to dress Libby in a very cute Gymboree shirt with matching bows for preschool. It would be a day paint was involved.

I should have known better than to wash (and dry!) clothes without deliberately checking for "Dry Clean Only" garments. One of Bryan's favorite Banana Republic sweaters now resides on my side of our closet.

I should have known better than to leave Levi alone downstairs while Zoe's water bowl was within his reach. I was putting the laundry I didn't shrink away upstairs, heard a loud crash, and came down to find this.

Is that not the most devious grin on his face?!

I'll have to be more dilligent about sending Libby to preschool in Target/resale shop/hand me down clothes only and moving Zoe's bowl outside during the day.

(For the record, it was freezing this morning, so her water was inside because she was also.)

As for the laundry, well, I kind of like my new Banana Republic sweater. It's a lot softer than all my Old Navy ones. Plus, there's a few more on the other side of our closet I have my eye on!