17 January 2009

old news

So these pictures are from Christmas! I know, I know...

I may post Halloween pictures next :)

The last night we had available to see Santa I rememberred I had yet to get the kids picture with Santa. It was Levi's first Christmas, after all. How could we not? I knew Santa would be at Safety Town, so we headed over there. I didn't have my camera, so this is what we ended up with. Not sayin' I would've done any better, but I think I might have zoomed in enough so "Frisco Fire" wasn't competing for photo focal point. Really, I'm not meaning to complain. The pictures were free and the kids got to tell Santa what they wanted. You can't beat that! We waited and waited to see these in our email inbox and they finally arrived a couple weeks after Christmas. I was bummed thinking we had made the effort (at the last minute) and then we'd never have the proof, but I was especially bummed because I wanted this picture...

Sweet Levi suddenly realized someone he didn't know - someone a little strange looking - was holding him and he did not like it. I also have pictures of Addi very upset with Santa (and the Easter Bunny). Libby was always fine with Addi next to her, which is funny to me because now she's my biggest scaredy cat :)