06 January 2009


Apparently you have to tell some kids that scissors are not for cutting hair.

Apparently you have to keep scissors away from some kids.

Apparently the temptation is just too great for some kids.

Libby Lu would be one of those kids.

I know this and I've known it for some time, but that she would cut her own hair never really crossed my mind.

(Didn't the Lord chuckle when he placed her in my womb?!)

Addi would've never cut her own hair. Oh! No! She knows scissors are for cutting paper. And, only paper that's been pre-approved for cutting by mom. And possibly by dad.

So, yesterday, I caught Libby in the act of cutting her own hair!

Fortunately she did a better job than the guy here, so with just a little snip or two from me, it looks fine. Barely noticeable.

She has been threatened. She has been lectured. She has assured me she will never cut her own hair again!

But, she is one of those kids!

*Please excuse the remnants of her M&M snack on her mouth. I was never going to let my children be seen without their mouths being wiped. And then I had Libby... :)