15 December 2008


  1. We're having a "Texas Snowstorm" (otherwise known as SLEET). I was just about to walk out of the house to run some errands when I heard it on the patio. I would rather eat pork and beans straight out of a can than drive in sleet, so the grocery store will have to wait. Good news though! Now I have time to bore you with my random list :)
  2. All these Christmas decorations made me long to decorate more, so I let the girls pull out their pink tree and go to town. We put it on a table, but Little Sticky Fingers can still reach the bottom quarter of the tree. I wonder if I should move it to the floor just so he doesn't pull the tree down on his head?
  3. Many people have asked me if having a son has been any different so far. Except for the obvious, my answer has always been no. But, today while we decorated the pink tree, Levi crawled as fast as he could to the balls. Then he found a bat to chew on and then he bee-lined for the cars. Granted it was a Dora bat and Barbie cars, but he doesn't know any of that yet. I was amazed watching him crawl past other more girlie toys to explore the "boy" toys.
  4. Addi has been pestering me the entire time I've been typing (and now she's reading this sentence...but can't figure out "pestering"). She wants to type a semicolon and keeps asking if she can do it now! I finally said, "Stop touching it! You can't type anything!" She replied, "Well, My Word!" Sometimes (many times) she is too big for her britches :)
  5. I'm really hoping a warm front will hit before I have to bundle everyone up and walk Addi to school in the morning. It's not impossible...we do live in Texas!