16 December 2008

no warm front

But I didn't have to walk Addi to school. If I would've watched the news last night, like any responsible parent, I would have known school was called off for today! Instead I decided to drive Addi to school this morning - if you knew how close we lived to her school, you would understand how ridiculous it is to drive her. I even had to wake Libby up. We piled in the van and drove the .001 miles to school only to find other irresponsible parents U-turning in the parking lot. I said a quick prayer that school was just delayed, therefore, allowing Libby's preschool to open today and U-turned myself. I had some major Christmas plans. Things that did not involve little eyes and big interruptions. Of course, school is closed today and that means Libby will not be going to preschool either. The girls both cried when I told them. What little nerds we are raising :) So, now they are doing their best to destroy the few areas of the house that looked decent an hour ago and I'm scrambling to re-plan my week since I have a half day instead of a day and a half to sew a puppet theater for Santa Claus. That guy is so unreasonable sometimes :)

Happy Snow Sleet Day, if you're fortunate enough to be experiencing one!