26 November 2008

this day

On this day, 33 years ago, my sweet mother-in-law was filled with regret and pain and then, I'm assuming, joy. Pain from the labor preceding the birth of her first child, my wonderful husband. Regret from the previous day spent nesting. The joy came from holding her precious baby boy at last.

She wrote to me a few days before Levi was born with a request for me to "take it easy" until his birth and a story of the day before Bryan's birth. Unlike her experience, I knew when Levi would be born since I was to be induced. Like her experience, I started those agonizing hours of labor exhausted* and would end up overjoyed with my new precious son in my arms.

I'm so thankful for this day and the one 33 years ago. And, I'm thankful for the love and patience my mother-in-law and father-in-law put into raising their son.

Happy Birthday, B!

Here's to another 33, at least :)

Par-tay at our house tonight! Get your dancin' shoes on!!


*I've just tried to link the post of Levi's birth story and can't find it. Could I have never written it? I'll have to get to work on that - what else is this blog for than to record memories?!