21 November 2008

8 months for Levi

My little man turned 8 months old on the 4th. If you'll recall, that was a busy day and not just because of the election. A couple days later, I started to post about his little 8 month self, but ran out of time and only got the pictures up with a promise to finish later. But, life happened and then our computer crashed again! So, I'm blocking out some time to let y'all know a few things about what makes Levi a wonderful, fabulous, amazing cutie pie. (And to help me remember.)

How about a top 8 list?

number 8 - He loves to babble...babababamamaba...
number 7 - He is pulling up on things and can almost climb onto the first stair.
number 6 - He's grown to love food. I haven't found anything he doesn't care to eat.
number 5 - He can get anywhere with precise Army crawling.
number 4 - He's happy on the floor if I'm sitting there with him or he can get to a shoe.
number 3 - He knows his family and lights up when he sees one of us.
number 2 - He still has no teeth, so still no nursing mishaps :)
number 1 - He melts my heart when he lays his head on my shoulder after a middle-of-the-night feeding.

It is a blessing to stay home and raise these kiddies of mine. Levi does his fair share of reminding me that on a daily basis.