23 October 2008

She lives to aggravate

At supper tonight, Libby wanted to pray. It went like this:

"Dear God,
Thank you for Addi...L-L...I mean...I wanna start over.
Dear God,
Thank you for Libby, and Addi, and Levi, and Daddy, and my dog. Amen. And, thank you for God. Oh, and Mommy. Amen."

So, she naturally mentioned her sister's name first and then remembered she's supposed to bother her sister, so she had to change her prayer to mention her own name first. That is how she is. She likes to aggravate everyone, but, especially Addi. Addi will get so upset and that just satisfies Libby to no end. I see fun times in our future with these two.

As for me, I'm really not sure what to think about being an afterthought :)