26 October 2008

just a little early

Last weekend, Nana had a surprise for us...the kids all came out of her room dressed in these Aggie overalls. They are really just the cutest things! (If you want your own custom overalls, even if you don't bleed maroon, go here.) It's not too early for us to decide to send them to A&M, is it?!

Trying to get 5 kids, ages 5, 4, 3, 20 months, and 7 months to sit still for a good picture is nearly impossible. I think we're missing one...

Here she is...happy to be sitting in her brother's lap!
Lib is tall enough to lean out the window in the treehouse now!
Rachel's turn...

Ethan was thrilled about something :)

Look at those faces. Someone threw the ball over the neighbor's fence.
Nana let Addi wrap up in her great-great grandfather's quilt and Addi loves it. Addi is still curling up in it everyday.