01 July 2008

What I've been hearing lately

addi "Daddy, your car is so much nicer than Mommy's car because of all this fur everywhere!"
(we force our children to ride around in my van with leather seats most of the time...we're mean like that!)

addi "Will I have maids to help me get my dress on?"
(i couldn't wait and told her she's gonna be a flower girl...think she's seen a few too many disney princess movies!?)

libby "I can't do all these stuff!"
(anytime i ask her to do something she doesn't want to do, so i hear it quite a lot)

libby "'Tend I'm a baby."
(weird, this phase started a little over 3 months ago!)

levi [the sweetest baby noises I might've ever heard]
(he cooos, and blows bubbles, and i've even heard what might be a giggle a few times.)

levi [stuffy nose noises and frustrated crying]
(poor thing can't kick a cold. he's still eating well and smiles all the time though.)