20 June 2008

Apparently I'm not big on change.

I was planning on completely re-vamping the blog a little over a year ago.

Really. I was.

Then we found out we might be moving.

Then we found out we were having another baby.

Then we found out we would, in fact, be moving, but we didn't know exactly when.

It was all just a little too much confusion and chaos and fear of the unknown for me to fiddle with the look of the blog. I decided I'd wait until we moved and had the baby. Things would be less chaotic right after a major move, job change, and a new baby. Right. If you live in Procrasti-Nial Land.

So, reality slapped me in the face. I've realized that, until yesterday, I hadn't officially welcomed sweet Levi to our blog title. He really has no clue. (until he's 12 and finds this post! I love you, sweet boy !)

In honor of my son, I present to you the snazzy new name of our blog........(drumroll, please).........5 Texans! (Yes, I do realize you've already seen the new name and so all the suspense leading up to my big reaveal was really just silly. Humor me.)

The new and improved name really took every fiber of creativity I have in me. I actually had something else there and still had the tagline about NC, but Bryan, being the head of this family, decided we needed to drop NC because, to him, it sounded as if we didn't like the state and it's residents. Not the case, at all. We love almost every single thing about NC and miss those things all the time. Perhaps it is time to acknowledge we have moved away from NC. That chapter of our lives is closed.

Maybe soon I'll come up with a "new" blog that describes the chapter we are experiencing now.