18 July 2008

Levi David @ 6 weeks

I had a photographer come to our home when Levi was brand new to take some surprise pictures for Bryan. He wore and "I love Daddy" onesie in some of the shots. My plan was to have one of those framed for Bryan's office. He has another set of the girls when Libby was 5 weeks and Addi was 2 that he's left at home because he says he doesn't want to hang those without pictures of Levi.

Obviously, he didn't get his Father's Day gift.

I'm not sure what all happened, but I waited and waited. We were on vacation on Father's Day, so when the pictures weren't waiting on me when we got back I contacted the photographer. I never heard anything, but about a week later the pictures arrived.

I was so excited! However, I opened the box to find another baby. Not another baby as in Levi has changed so much it's like he was another baby in these pictures, but an actual other baby.

I was so frustrated! I contacted the photographer again allowing myself to express a little more of my frustration. This time I did receive a reply with an apology. But, instead of saying she'd come by and switch my pictures for these other people's, she said she'd re-ordered them?

I finally got them a couple days ago and she threw in the disc because of the mix up. Even still, I don't think I'll be using her again.

The positive is I get to put some of his shots on the blog now.