14 January 2008

That game just made us sick!


3 of the 4 of us are sick. And, according to Libby, because Mommy is sick, the baby is sick and needs to go to the doctor. I think Baby P (aka Mystery Baby by Addi) is fine and is part of the reason I feel even more zapped of energy...you know, they say the baby gets all of your nutrition first and you get the leftovers.

It all started on Thursday when Addison went in for her 5 year well child visit. She had to get her kindergarten shots. I won't even go into that because I may find myself sobbing about the whole ordeal again. (Quick tip: Mommas, if you haven't yet experienced those kindergarten shots, which are given at age 4 in Texas and age 5 in North Carolina, make your husbands take off work while you stay home. They are awful! Really. Awful!)

Addi was fine that night and the next day. She even went to preschool on Friday in her usual good spirits and, being the drama queen she is, couldn't wait to tell her teachers that she wouldn't be able to run around because she got 4 shots the day before.

Saturday morning we all went to the girls' sibling class at the hospital and that went well. Then she didn't eat lunch and ended up laying down in the booth and falling asleep. I tried to blame this behavior on her waking too early. However, by the time she woke up several hours later, her cheeks were bright red.


Still, I wanted to believe she wasn't really sick. I blamed it on the shots.

Yesterday, my parents watched her while Bryan and I went to the Cowboy game. She and Libby were supposed to spend the day with Rachel and Ethan, but we knew how difficult it would be to keep the sick quarenteened from the well, so Libby got to enjoy some time with the Starrs on her own. I know she had a great time; she talked incessently the entire way home :)

Poor Addi looked so much worse by the time we picked her up last night. I know she was well taken care of. My parents catered to her every care, even making her pancakes and running out to get her some more toys, movies, and a better tasting Sprite. (Making pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes, is a tradition that Addi doesn't let my Mom forget about. Yesterday, though, she told me, "Since I'm sick, Grandpa will have to help Grammy if she wants to make pancakes today.")

Sometime during the game the tickle in my throat turned into a scratch and the coughing began. By the second half, I was close to miserable. Of course, the game wasn't quite going according to plan either. We left with about 2 minutes still on the clock and missed seeing the interception that sealed the deal. By the time we made it to the car, I was past miserable, but felt okay when we pulled up to my parents' house.

By the time we got the car unloaded (and realized we'd left Libby's pillow, blanket, and monkey at the Starr's house), fixed Addi a snack, and put Libby to bed, I had the chills. I crawled into bed with the intention of staying just until I warmed up, then putting Addi to bed, brushing my teeth and getting a few things done. I'm not sure what time I woke up, but all was quiet and dark and I was sweating. Poor Bryan was laying next to me shivering. Thus began our night o' fun. Addi had apparently been up numerous times already unable to breathe. So between that, Libby waking a few times for unknown reasons, my coughing, and Bryan's nausea, we all had a pretty rough night.

The good news is Addi seems to be feeling much better and hasn't run fever all day. She's been very sweet by wanting to take care of us, getting us water, and drawing us pictures with words she knows how to spell but have nothing whatsoever to do with the art work. (I just got one with 2 flowers and the word "ZOO" plastered across the middle!) Libby is fine, so far. It will be nothing short of a miracle if she doesn't catch whatever this is, but stranger things have happened.

I feel a little better than I did last night. I mainly just feel zapped, but not to the point where I have no desire to accomplish things. Bryan is the worst off at the moment. I truly can only remember him taking a couple other sick days since we've been married, so I know he feels really bad.

We'll all be back to normal soon enough. Maybe this will make me finish some things on my to-do list. Then again, I am feeling rather sleepy all of a sudden :)