17 January 2008


I really allowed myself to believe Libby would not get this junk.

On Tuesday, when Bryan and I were at our worst, jumping into bed every 2 hours to fend off the chills, my dear SIL called and offered to take Libby until we were better. At first, we declined. Soon it was clear that the energy of a perfectly well 2 year old was way too much for 2 near-death 30-somethings. Lisa came by that afternoon and Libby was off to spend some time with her cousins. Addi still felt pretty bad, so she didn't complain too much.

Since neither Bryan nor I ran fever yesterday afternoon or night, we figured it was time to get back to our lives. He headed off to work this morning. I loaded Addi up and we went to an appointment for me. Then we drove to Arlington to pick up Little Libby.

Addi was a tiny bit jealous this morning when I told her we'd be picking Libby up at Nana and Poppa's house. She's certainly not used to her younger sister getting to do all the fun stuff :)

Just as I was about to take the exit off the interstate, my SIL called and said that Libby had started running fever. I felt bad for her, but I really felt bad for all of Bryan's family who have now been exposed to this stuff. We may be running out to pick up one of Lisa's kids next week while she and Clay are to weak to parent :)

So, now we stand at probably me feeling the best. I sound horrible and my throat hurts, especially when I have a coughing fit, but that's pretty much the worst of it for me now. Addi is still coughing a lot and she says nothing hurts, but she's pretty grumpy. Bryan had to come home early today he was still feeling so poorly. Libby has run fever all day and asked for food only to eat a bite or two. She's starting to cough. I suspect we'll have a few days of her feeling really badly and we'll do all we can during that time not to continue to pass it on to each other or others.

In my forced seclusion, maybe I'll be able to get some things done like defensive driving, our taxes, picking out a boy's name and a girl's name for Baby P/Mystery Baby, organizing our study, re-installing all our computer programs that are now gone thanks to the crash, setting up our wireless network, and getting a new email address since I can no longer check my old one, also thanks to the crash.

But, all that will have to wait until I disinfect this house. And then, disinfect again after Libby's all better.

Hopefully my nesting will kick in soon to help me get motivated to get it all done in the next month. I'll let y'all know how it goes.