22 January 2008

Lemme hear 'em

I think the time has come.

I want your guesses.

Just for fun.

[Wow, if I was more clever like my husband or my dad, I would continue with the rhyme. Maybe next time!]

What is Baby P? A boy? Or a girl?

That's what I'm most interested in hearing, but you can throw in birth date, birth time, weight, length or whatever you wish. Just no guesses having anything to do with my weight, please. In fact, you can throw name guesses, too, since we don't have those picked out! Joking. About the guesses, not that we still haven't nailed down names.

So, here are the facts and then I'll list all that might pertain to any old wives tales I've heard:

  • I was officially 35 weeks yesterday. (Last week I thought I was 35 weeks and was so relieved when I realized that I'd gotten a week ahead of myself.)
  • My due date is February 25.
  • I had Addi at 1 week past my due date and, actually, the day before I was scheduled to be induced.
  • That didn't happen with Libby. I was induced at 1 week past my due date.
  • I had an appointment today and the baby's heart rate was 160. (Guess this one could also go under the old wives tales list)
  • And, of course, y'all know when you have 2 of the same sex your likelihood of having a 3rd of the same sex is somewhere around 75%. Just in case you didn't realize, we have 2 girls.

And, now anything else I can think of that might facter into your guesses:

  • Well, the heart rate today - see 5th bullet above.
  • I was very sick, actual vomit, with Addi. Didn't gain an ounce until 22 weeks and was still throwing up every day until then.
  • I was more nauseous with Libby, only throwing up a few days. That lasted for probably the first 16-18 weeks.
  • I was sick with this one again. Vomitting everyday for about the first 15-16 weeks.
  • I think I'm carrying the same as with all 3.
  • I gained more with Addi than with Libby. I've almost gained my total weight gain I had with Addi with this one - and I have 5 weeks to go.
  • This is the first one that I've measured right on throughout the pregnancy and the ultrasounds have shown my due date to be accurate. I was always smaller than I was "supposed" to be with the other two.
  • The Chinese Birth Chart says it is a girl. Of course, when I was pregnant with Libby, the one we saw online said boy and then the one in the sonographer's office said girl.
  • Not sure what the correct version of this tale is, but when I was pregnant with Addi, I had a man tell me I was having a boy because I didn't look like a cow from behind. (Yes, I'm sure he made a sensitive and loving husband!) A couple weeks ago a lady who cut my hair told me I was having a girl because I wasn't spread out from behind. Either way, I'm feeling pretty spread out from behind, and from the side, and from the front :)
  • Bryan and I each have 1 sibling of the opposite sex.
  • Oh, and this goes along with my own wives tale, we are pretty sure about a girls first name. We don't have a girls middle name picked out and we don't have a boys first or middle name picked out. Both of our girls' names came to us much more easily than a possible boys name during my pregnancies with them.

I can't think of anything else. Feel free to leave a question in the comments if you have some absolute way of knowing and I haven't already answered it. But, definitely leave your guesses in the next couple days. It will be fun to look back and see who was the closest. Oh, and if you've already told me what you think, guess anyway. I'd like to have a record. Maybe I'll print off the guesses to put in the baby book.

As for me, I'm not good at keeping what's in my head in my head, so I'll go ahead and throw my guesses out to start things off. I debated about this, not wanting to influence any of you. Here goes...

  • Girl (I think, although I've been questioning this recently)
  • February 29 (both because it would be kind of neat and because I usually go past, but I don't think I'll go an entire week past this time)
  • in the afternoon, maybe 2:43 pm (other girls were both born in the afternoon, 1:50 and 3:27)
  • 7 pounds, 13 ounces (this is probably wishful thinking - my other two were 7, 4 and rounded up to 7 - so I'm hoping the "extra" weight gain is 'cause the baby is bigger :)
  • 20 1/2 inches long (again with the bigger baby theory - Addi was 19 3/4, Libby was 19 1/2)

Just leave your guesses in the comments or you can email them to me, if you'd rather. If you don't have an email address for me you can click on View My Complete Profile under the heading About Me toward the bottom of my left sidebar. Once you do that, you'll see a link that says Email. If you click on the link, you should be able to email me from that. But, really, wouldn't a comment just be easier?!

Maybe a picture of my "spread-out-ness" will help in your guessing.

*Yes, I'm aware that the comments are acting crazy. Mine come and go. Don't know if you can still comment while it says there are comments and then you click and "No Comments" appear. I'll try it the next time that happens to me. If you can, know that I will still get them comments via email and I can go directly to Haloscan to read them. Hopefully this is just some sort of glitch Haloscan or Blogger is having today and it will be fixed soon.