27 January 2008

It turned out to be a landslide

Thanks for all your guesses. It will be fun for me to look back after Baby P is here and see who was close.

After the first few hours, I was sure most people were going to guess "Girl", but the "Boy" voters held out and won it in the end. In fact, it wasn't even close - 13 to 9! (I'm including myself and Karla who'd emailed me about it the day before the post, but it doesn't really matter because our guesses cancel each other out.) Oh, and I shouldn't forget, we had one vote for "Angel". I'm sure that one will be right :)

The Birth Date predictions ran from February 17 all the way to March 7! The most predictions came in for February 29th, which is just a month away. It's hard to believe that I have less than a month to go until my due date. The time of day ranged from early morning to night, but people were kind enough not to make any middle of the night predictions! They must talk to my husband and know what an unpleasant person I can be when awoken from a peaceful slumber.

Baby P's birth weight guesses came in all bigger than either of the girls' birth weights with 7 pounds, 5 ounces being the smallest and 8 pounds even being the greatest. I think I could handle any of those. His/Her length predictions were pretty close, too, ranging from 20 to 21 inches long.

We also got some suggestions for names and we appreciate them all. At this point, I'm praying for a girl because a girl's name is the only thing we've got! I thought we had agreed on a boy's name, but Bryan is having second thoughts today. I think we'll keep the names to us for now because, the way things are going, they're liable to change a few more times! But, you can be sure that either the first or middle name will be after a place in Texas (just like Addison and Reagan).

Thanks again for your guesses. We'll be sure to post asap when we know the answers!