21 January 2008

Dog, anyone?

I just finished mopping my laundry room floor. I'm so angry. Not that it couldn't have used a good mopping, but I was forced to mop it. By our dog. Who urinated all over the place. All. Over. The. Place.

I'll start by letting you know that I dearly love this dog. However, I don't like having a dog in my house. I don't mind them in other people's houses, just not in mine. When we first moved to our last house, we had to have the dog inside because the backyard wasn't fenced. It about drove me crazy!

Zoe turned 9 in November and we noticed she wasn't dealing well with the colder days. She used to love snow and would splash around in frozen ponds. If it gets into the 40s or below, she just shivers and shivers, so I have relented and she has a little dog bed in the breakfast room where she sleeps on colder nights. This morning was overcast and cold, so after breakfast, I let her back in the house. Then it started to rain, so I let her out every hour or so to do her business and then back in. Now, I know she can hold it longer than that since she holds it all night when she sleeps inside.

While the girls where eating lunch, our usually well-behaved dog would not leave them alone. (This may have something to do with Libby loving to share her food with Zoe.) They were squealing and not eating and I was trying to get some laundry done and it all just wasn't working. I finally took Zoe into the laundry room, left the light on, and shut the door. She wasn't in there 5 minutes.

Now, if I thought for one second she did not pee everywhere on purpose, I wouldn't be mad enough to offer her to a kind and loving home. But, she did do it on purpose and then she had the nerve to skip off toward the park like I was going to reward her when I had to take her through the garage to get into the backyard!

Just so you know, I'm turning the comments off. As angry as I am with her, I do realize that if someone actually offered to take her off our hands, I would feel so guilty.

And, so, she's safe.

For now...