11 December 2007

Did you hear the one...

about the Aggie that walked into the DPS office to get a new drivers license because she had to have a Texas license in order to take Defensive Driving for a speeding ticket she got just days after moving back to Texas?

It turns out that little mini-diploma card they give you when you graduate from Texas A&M University really does serve a purpose. I mean, other than being your membership card in The Association of Former Students.

Today, I waited in line with my 2 kids for an hour only to almost be turned away without a Texas drivers license. I had my North Carolina license, my insurance card, my car registration, my social security card and even a piece of mail with my name and new address, just in case.

However, my car is not in my name. I mean, technically it isn't my car. All I do is drive it and put gas in it occasionally. Plus, Bryan decided a couple weeks ago that the Pilot just wouldn't cut it with 3 kids and he spent too many hours in a dealership haggling over my new Odyssey. I didn't even see what color it was until he got home with it, so I certainly didn't get to sign my name on anything for it.

So, I was supposed to have my lisence plus two other forms of identification. One was the social security card. I didn't have anything else on the list. The lady kept reading items off the list in hopes that I could pull my birth certificate out of my jacket pocket. I kept listing the items I did have in my wallet, including a Sam's card and my expired dependent military id, in the hopes that she would say, "Oh, a Sam's card is right here. Number 32 on the list of DPS Acceptable Forms of Secondary Identification."

Things were not looking good.

Then, she read, "High School Diploma?".

Of course, I have this little, rather homemade-looking, laminated card that's been in my wallet since my college graduation. It has never been used for anything, until today. They accepted it as my secondary form of id?!!

I walked out of there with my paper license and a promise that my new Texas drivers license would be in my mail box within two weeks.

I think Aggie joke, Schmaggie joke, the joke's on them!