20 September 2007

"...but don't tell Libby"

Addi has been very frustrated lately by her sister. Libby copies everything Addi does. Everything.

A few times I've asked Addi to answer a certain way because I knew Libby would also give me the same answer. For instance, I might ask, "Addi, would you like peas?" And she, obediently, answers, "Yes!" I can almost be guaranteed the same answer from Libby.

Obviously there has to be a little bit of secrecy for this to work.

And, obviously, I realize this favorable situation is not going to last forever, so I'm taking full advantage while I can. I've learned a few tricks over my almost 5 years of mothering.

Now, Addi has taken to telling me her answer to any question in secret, quickly adding, "but don't tell Libby. I don't want her to copy me." For instance, at lunch today, I asked the girls if they wanted some chips with their sandwiches and strawberries. Libby immediately said she did. Addi ran to me and whispered, "No, but don't tell Libby. I don't want her to copy me."


I've also learned not to point out that while Libby might fall for the pea trick (only because Libby really does like peas), it wouldn't really matter what Addi had to say about say chips or candy or ice cream. Libby knows good junk food when she sees it and any adoration she feels for her sister isn't going to change what's in her blood:

Chips trump peas any day of the week!