23 August 2007

lover of sweet potatoes

Libby loves sweet potatoes...always has and I figured she always would.

Until today.

As I began to cube up a previously baked sweet potato, she yelled (with authority), "EWWWW! 'Sssgusting! No, NO! 'SssgustING! Don't want it!"

I was perplexed and thought (to myself)...She loves sweet potatoes. She just ate some the other night. This is all Addi's fault. Addi, who won't eat anything. Addi, who just looks at something nutritious and turns up her nose. She's even picked up the word "disgusting" from Addi.

Not one to back down from a challenge, I told her I would heat a little up and she would have to try it, but if she didn't like it, she wouldn't have to eat any more.

I'm proud to say All is right with the world again...she ate one bite, I asked her if it was disgusting, and she smiled and said, "Noooo!" As I write, Libby is gobbling up a plate full of sweet potatoes and peaches.