27 August 2007

I've got ants in my pants!

Really, I do. Or, really I did.

On Saturday, I had the great idea to get out in the oven-like temperatures and attend the Lazy Days Festival. Our first order of business was to find the snow-cone stand and some shade. We sat on a half-wall of a flower bed while we enjoyed our sweet frozen treats. After a few minutes Libby decided she had to be sitting on the wall instead of in her stroller, so I moved over for her...into a pile of mulch.

We finished our treats, stood up and I realized I had been sitting in mulch. At that point I was much more concerned with getting the dirt off my bottom than with all the ants I saw crawling around where I had been sitting. Then, we started walking and I starting feeling some tickling...and then some stinging.

What else could I do, but repeatedly stick my hand down the back of my pants?! I was bothered by them for a good 30 minutes, but kept trying to tell myself it was really my imagination. Plus it was so hot and I was hungry and my daughter began to have a meltdown because, "I CAN NOT take ONE! MORE! STEP!", so I forgot about the little bugs crawling around my toosh.

Sure enough, I have 4 huge, itchy bites on my rump and a few more on my legs. One of the worst parts is while we were eating our frosty delights, I claimed we don't have fire ants in NC...maybe not, but I can testify to the presence of biting ants in NC.