17 February 2007

It's been a while

but I knew I could rely on Blogger! What in the world is going on with my last post. Very rarely am I positive about anything...especially anything to do with computers. However, I know I did not format that post to look like that. Please excuse it and hopefully the next time I post, it will look like I want it to!

By the way, it does look normal to me when I preview it and believe me, I preview and preview and preview again when I am posting. One of the rather annoying OCD things about me is how long it takes me to post something. I mean, does it really matter? Are there people who are going to comment on a grammatical error or worse, like me less because they have to scroll for 2 minutes to get through the huge blank space between pictures?! I know it doesn't matter, so I am turning over a new leaf...with this post. I will not re-read or preview it! Here goes...

Okay, I have to re-read it :) But, not one preview!