27 November 2006

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Bryan's birthday was yesterday and we celebrated by going to lunch, eating cake, and spending time together. Libby, Addi and I are Bryan's biggest fans. We hope that he knows how much love and support he has from his girls.

What we love most about Daddy/Bryan:
1. his parents
2. his special whistle when he walks in the door
3. he plays with his daughters
4. he has made me more conscience of getting places early
5. his silliness
6. he feeds me a snack when MaMa is taking too long making supper
7. he makes me "breakbust " every morning
8. he loves us always
9. when I have a bad day he is the person I want to talk to

There are so many more, but there are 3 of us here trying to all get in something. Can you guess whose is who's (whom's?...I should know this!)? We won't mention how old Bryan was, if you don't already know. He was a little grumpy about it :)

We are so thankful for Daddy/Bryan and can't wait to experience many more of life's celebrations with him.

Love your girls,
Gin, Addison GrAce PARker, and Libs

25 November 2006

"Goodbye to texas university,

so long to the orange and the white..."

What a game! All the Parkers watched the Aggies BTHOtu on Friday - the girls even learned how to whoop! Well, Miss Reagan's is more of a yell and Addi's is quite high-pitched. They have a few years to perfect it!

Watching that game makes me wish we could replay ou and nebraska! I'd take that win anyday if we could only win one of those 3 games though :)

Our house is ready to watch those number 11 ranked Texas Aggies play some basketball out here in b-ball country! (When did we get good at basketball?!)

20 November 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Friday morning Addison's preschool class hosted a Thanksgiving breakfast for their families. It was very sweet and I know her teachers put in a lot of time and patience in making the food, decorations, costumes, and entertainment perfect. I got most of the "show" on video. Enjoy!

What the Parkers are thankful for:

1. good health - except for the occasional ear infection or cold
2. Bryan's job - how else would we have discovered the wonderful city of Raleigh, North Carolina and all its wonderful people and it provides us with more than we need
3. our home - it isn't perfect, but projects give us something to do
4. cars - reliable and suited for our needs
5. computers - otherwise I might have to write a letter and mail it
6. phones - otherwise I might have to write a letter and mail it
7. princess stuff - so we can watch the girls dance around in tulle and sequins
8. A&D - takes care of diaper rash fast
9. preschool - especially Mrs. Teresa, Mrs. Nicole, Mrs. Sarah, and Mrs. Suzanne
10. extended families - they support us and love us always
11. Zoe - she could possibly be the best dog in the world
12. airplanes - they make a trip to Texas with 2 kids much easier
13. service men and women (and their families) - they make sacrifices many Americans can't fathom
14. Mexican food - we can't wait to fill our bellies on our next Texas trip
15. foodnetwork.com - it is where I go to plan my weekly menus
16. bananas - Libby Lu eats one for breakfast daily
17. cereal - Addi couldn't live without it
18. Addison Grace and Reagan Elizabeth - Bryan and I feel that we're the most blessed parents in the entire world...they light up our lives
19. you - our friends and family reading our blog
20. Jesus Christ - He died so we could live.

16 November 2006

A Conversation

Addi: "Daddy, look at Larry-Boy! We get him for the weekend and Mommy might let him sleep with me!"
Bryan: "What happened to Scooby?" (Larry-Boy's predecessor)
Addi: "He's in heaven with the squirrels. Right, Mommy?" (referring to the squirrels that had nested in our chimney)


That's the name of the most recent "wildlife" to enter our home. Remember, we first had the mouse in the garage and then the squirrels in the chimney. Actually, I don't think I ever blogged about the squirrels. Well, I don't have the energy (or time) to go into that now - just think Christmas Vacation...without the tree and with 3 squirrels! If you really want to know the details, just ask the next time we talk. The only differences this time are Larry-Boy was invited and, more importanly, he is in a cage. Addi is thrilled to have him and is begging me to allow him to sleep in her room. Larry-Boy is our guest for the weekend and will be returned to his perch at preschool on Monday morning. I was at least smart enough (this year) not to sign up to host the gerbil/mouse/hamster during Thanksgiving. I just have to keep reminding myself that he is one of God's creatures and Addi will (hopefully) not grow up to be as squirmy around rodents as her Momma :)

10 November 2006

Happy Birthday, Uncle Brett!

Libby isn't feeling too well today, so she isn't her usual active self in this birthday greeting the girls sang for Uncle Brett. Sorry, Uncle Brett, I wish she could be more entertaining for you...next year! We love you.

06 November 2006

Happy Birthday, Miss Addi Grace!

On Saturday, the 4th, our baby turned 4! Not so much a baby anymore :( We let Addison open her presents from us in the morning. She had already gotten a bike from Nana and Poppa, a package from Meme and Papa, and a package from Grammy and Grandpa. We let her open the packages when they came...lots of cute clothes, 2 movies, a Barbie (her first one) with Barbie clothes, and fun princess crafts. Her party began at noon and was at Playspace Children's Museum. It was so much fun! The kids got to decorate their own cakes (got rid of Halloween candy!), sang Happy Birthday to Addi, "helped" her open presents, and played. By the time we arrived home, both girls were ready for naps.

4 (+4) Things I Love About Addi

1. Addison Grace is 100% girl!
2. She loves people...young or old, boy or girl, family, friend or stranger. And everyone is her best friend.
3. Addi earnestly believes she is the best dancer and singer in the entire world.
4. She spends most all day, every day with me and still asks me to put her to bed almost every night.
5. Her face lights up each evening when she hears her Daddy's whistle as he walks in the door.
6. Addi likes to ask, "Do you want to snuggle me?"
7. She never sings the right lyrics to songs (see number 3). For example, she was singing the Bear Necessities song from The Jungle Book in the car this weekend. It goes, "It's just the bear necessities, the simple bear necessities. Forget about your worries and your strife." She sings "It's just the bear recipes, the simple bear recipes. Forget about your worries and your stripes." And the list goes on...
8. Addison is super protective of Libby. She adores her little sister and her little sister adores her.

04 November 2006

hbta and bthoou

That's Happy Birthday to Addison and Beat the H@#& Outta ou! I have pictures to post of Addi's birthday party, but will have to do it later when I have more time. I really just wanted to say that Bryan and I are getting pumped about the game tonight. We got a babysitter and are going out to watch it. We recorded Game Day while we were at the birthday party and have come home to watch. Of course, that is really getting us excited! So...we love you Addi (and I'll devote a real post to your birthday later) and Gig' Em Aggies....Whoop!