19 September 2006

13 Months and a Day

Miss Reagan is now 13 months old (as of yesterday). She has such a funny personality....loves to laugh and loves making others laugh even more! In honor of her 13th month, I have listed 13 funny things she does.
1. Some of her favorite "toys" are remote controls and telephones. She treats both like phones, puts them up to her head (near her ear and sometimes actually to her ear) and says "DaDa". Sometimes she hands the phone/remote to me to "talk" which is really funny to her:)
2. She has also started picking up toys, plates, cups, etc. with her mouth and will then try and get me to put the other side in my mouth. If I do, she thinks it's fun to play a sort-of tug-of-war with our mouths. Probably sounds pretty gross, but she will just laugh and laugh...how could I resist?!
3. The minute she hears music her little feet start moving. The more upbeat the music, the faster she moves. The faster she moves, the more she laughs.
4. She has mastered crawling up into different rocking chairs and then making them rock and rocking makes her laugh.
5. A dog can bark a mile away and Libby will hear it, proceed with her imitation, giggle, imitate again, giggle, and so on.
6. She barks to imitate just about any animal:)
7. Every night as I am taking her to bed, Bryan will ask her for goodnight sugars. Just as he is about to kiss her she will turn her head and look over my other shoulder. He will move closer to her face and she will turn her head again, back to the first side. They will go back and forth and both get so tickled!
8. Libby loves to shake her head...vigorously...until she loses her balance.
9. She "cruises" around the furniture making this panting noise...all the time!
10. She loves to crawl around while holding something in each hand. The more noise the somethings make, the better.
11. Libby has discovered the pots and pans. I find them all over the house!
12. She grabs produce and puts it into the cart while we are grocery shopping.
13. Libby has discovered how fun it can be to be chased. She crawls as fast as she can away from anyone she feels might be trying to chase her...laughing the whole time!

What joy she brings to our household! I remember loving each new age/stage with Addi and the same holds true for Libby. She's more fun every day!

13 September 2006

Lunch Conversation

I have started calling Addison "Little B" because there are times she says exactly what her father would say in the same situation. An example of this was a conversation we had at lunch today.

Addi: What did you do while I was at preschool, Mommy?
Mom: Well, I got a lot of cleaning done. I cleaned all 3 bathrooms, dusted upstairs, vacuumed upstairs, cleaned off the kitchen table and island...
Addi: You forgot to clean behind you on the counter.

To that I told her she should be pleased with what got done instead of picking out what isn't done. She thought that was hilarous. After she finished laughing she said, "Noooo, you didn't finish cleaning!"
She keeps me on my toes :)

10 September 2006

Poor Sick Libby

Libby has caught a cold at preschool. She woke up Thursday with a runny nose, but she never ran fever or coughed or even seemed to feel badly. Her runny nose improved so I took her to preschool on Friday. Well, this morning she was much worse. She took 3 long naps today and was as still as could be after each....just wanted me to hold her. Those of you who have spent any time around Libby know that she is never still! While I would never wish her sick, I have enjoyed the snuggling I usually miss. Bryan took this picture after her last nap. Sorry it's a little blurry.

06 September 2006

2nd Day of Preschool

Yesterday was the first day of preschool for the girls, but I thought, "Why be like everyone else and take pictures the first day?" So, I took (or tried to take) pictures today, the second day :) No really, I forgot the camera yesterday. And the pictures I was able to take this morning are not that great. My children have turned into runners and screamers when they see a camera, so my only option was to snap the camera while they were both strapped to their car seats! Anyway, everything went well yesterday. Both Addi and Libby are enrolled 5 mornings a week now. This is only because I am going to work for a teacher who is having a baby. She is due September 20, so I could be starting anyday now. I'll be in her 4 year old class while she is on maternity leave. After that ends, I will teach science to the 3 and 4 year olds three mornings a week and the girls will only be going on those mornings. Addi told me her class did "noffing" yesterday and Libby kept trying to get back into her room after I picked her up. I debated about taking Libby at all until I had to...she is after all not even 13 months old and what am I going to do with no kids??....blog all morning?! But, I want her to get used to it (and start getting used to no morning nap), so she went yesterday and today. I think I'll play it day by day with her until I start working. We'll see how it all goes :)

04 September 2006

I forgot

to post Libby's 1 year stats.

August 18,2005 - Birth Day
6 pounds, 15.8 ounces
19 1/2 inches

August 18, 2006 - 1 year
18 pounds, 14.5 ounces
28 3/4 inches

Libby grew so much in a year. It is amazing the changes babies go through in their first year.

03 September 2006

Franklin, NC

This past week Addi, Libby and I met my family at a mountain house near Franklin, NC. We had a wonderful time and got to see a very beautiful area. The girls did okay on the drive (it took quite a bit longer than Mapquest predicted!). We got to walk under waterfalls, go rafting, do arts and crafts, play games, shop, and spend lots of time together. Because of Ernesto, we ended up coming home a couple days early. It was my objective to miss the bad weather, but I think I ended up driving through the worst of it :) We are getting back into our routines and catching up on sleep - Addi and Libby are still sleeping late! Preschool starts this week, so I guess that was our farewell to summer! It was a perfect end and I feel blessed to have been able to spend that week with my daughters and family.