18 April 2011

Levi, again

*So, I really had intentions of turning this whole blog-pause around.  I have a million excuses as to why posting is not happening (who doesn't?), but why bore you with everyday details?  Instead I'll just write down a somewhat worrisome conversation I had a few minutes ago with my little boy. 

Background first - he'd begged me all morning to set up this race track that Libby got for her birthday a few years ago and never plays with anymore.  I thought it was basically set up in the box, so I told him that I'd get it out for him as soon as we got home from gymnastics.  But, I didn't think about the errands I needed to run before we headed home and how late it would be by the time we finally made it home.  I also didn't realize the track was completely taken apart and the instructions were long gone.  Here's how it went down.

We walk in the door and Levi reminds me of my promise.  I tell him, as we walk up the stairs, that he can play with it while I fix his lunch and then he'll have to eat and take a nap.  He's a-okay with that plan.  (Of course he is before I've actually implemented the parts of the plan he won't like: eat and take a nap.)  Once I realize the track is in pieces and I've no idea how to make it a workable track again, I tell him I'm going to make his lunch and then set it up while he's eating so he can play with it for just a little while before he goes down for a nap.  I'm sure you can imagine the drama I got from that idea.  I did win the argument though and it wasn't long before he was trying to play with the track.  I say trying because there was about as many pieces left over as put together, so it wasn't too stable.  So, finally I made him quit playing and took him upstairs for naptime.  As I'm getting him ready he tells me,"When Daddy gets home from work, he can fix the track and then he can be the yellow car and I'll be the green car and we can RACE!"  I said, "Would you let me play with y'all too?"  He responds, "No, you can fix Daddy lunch.  I think he'll be hungry."

I think my 3-year-old is a male chauvinist and I'm not sure what to do about it!