14 September 2010

resolving issues - part 1

Since I can't seem to post anything these days, I thought I'd start with a babystep. This morning, I actually uploaded pics from my camera to my computer. Wow! That was a tad overwhelming. I'd completely forgotten about things we did this summer I've yet to blog. So, this will be the first of whoknowshowmany posts devoted to catching up. I haven't decided the order: chronological from most recent, chronological from least recent, or willy-nilly. I'm sure you have your guesses ;) Anyway, today, we'll start with the most recent event in the 5 Texans household. Libby has started soccer. Her team is the Lightning Bugs and her coach is her daddy. We had a total of 2 practices before the first game this past Saturday and now that we had another game last night, we're 2 for 2 ! We can thank Hermine for our lack of practices. Not that I'm complaining about rain.

Things have run pretty smoothly, thanks to an awesome team manager the Lightning Bugs were lucky enough to acquire. Right, B?! Now I'm starting rumors! I've actually done very little work. Bryan's been the workhorse. If you have a child in sports with a volunteer coach, you need to thank that coach. There is a lot of behind the scenes time spent on coaching. All the little girls adore him and, besides all the crying, I think I can safely speak for him when I say he is absolutely enjoying coaching 4 and 5 year old little girls.

Here are some pics from the first 2 games where we smeared the other teams! Not really, there's no score keeping, except by older sisters and brothers.

That's out little #2 warming up. (Okay, I just got the potty-humor as I typed it!)

I only added this pic because, if you look closely, you'll see one of the two girls who are talking instead of paying attention to the ball! is none other than our sweet (social) Libby Lu!