24 September 2010

clutter on the fridge

See the purple paper on our fridge?  It's new there. 

Addi met me with a huge smile on her face yesterday afternoon and a hushed, "I have something to tell you, but I'm not sayin' until we get home!" About 5 steps later she broke down and told me she'd earned a You Sparkle!  She'd picked to surprise me after school rather than let the vice principal call me during the day.  It's been super-busy for B at work, so he wasn't able to see her on stage at the assembly this morning, but the rest of the 5 Texans were there beaming.

Her teacher wrote that she was always kind, respectful, and could be counted on to lead.  Of course, I know those things, but it's always nice to hear how she's acting when I'm not around.

In other Addison news, she got her first official progress report with real number grades.  She's doing her best work and learning a lot.  Bryan and I couldn't be more pleased!  Now if I could figure out how to make sure she keeps earning these same grades through high school, we wouldn't have to worry about saving for college for her :)