04 June 2010

the end

We all climbed into the car with the oldest one shouting, "I can't believe I'm a 2nd grader!" This confused the younger one. She questioned whether that made her a kindergartener. Personally, I didn't want to think about one of my dear ones being in the 2nd grade and I certainly didn't want to think about the still-4-year-old being a kindergartener. (Weren't we just bringing them home from the hospital?) And, for a few weeks, I won't think about it. Summer's here and we're going to be lazy for a while. I learned last summer, when my days of having a school-aged child began, that summer is TOO SHORT! I'll be thinking about and preparing for the next school year soon enough. For now, we've got swim lessons to finish up, vbs to attend, a vacation (sans kiddies), wonderful friends visiting, a 10-year wedding anniversary, a 5th birthday to celebrate and a list a mile long of activites and projects the kids and I want to complete in the next couple months. It's going to be a busy summer!