05 April 2010

to be continued

I'm swamped! I got exactly 1 thing finished on my to-do list for today: take the kids to the dentist. Then I had to take Addi and Levi to the pediatrician. We are quickly losing control over Addi's allergies and needed new prescriptions for those and Levi has an ear infection. In both ears. Poor little guy. (Oh, and Libby has a headache. She's really hitting her stride as a middle child and made sure I knew she had a headache while I explained her sister and brother's symptoms to the nurse!) My plans included the dentist, but not also multiple trips to Walgreens and another doctor's office. In all the fussing over my children this morning, I forgot to soak the beans and didn't make my normal Monday morning grocery errands. So, we grabbed a rotisserie chicken and some tortillas on the way home from the doctor to make this. Hopefully, that and a salad will make a meal. :)

Anyway, I felt behind since I didn't get my normal weekend chores done this past Easter weekend. Now, I'm even further behind, so I'm thinking I need a "no computer" week. Or, at least a "less computer" week! No posts from me this week, but I'll start back up next Monday. This photo for a year thing I thought would be such a good idea is proving otherwise. Maybe I should change it to "365 Photos in 1489 Days". :)