19 April 2010

day 105 - Rodeo Day

Last Thursday was Rodeo Day at preschool! Libby declared it "the most fun day at preschool ever!" Her class had just ended a Texas unit. Another reason I love being back here...my kids are learning about their home state starting in preschool!

She got to rope a rocking horse.

And, after she had her picture taken while sitting in a saddle, she chose this picture of a longhorn to color. I tried to move a picture of a Mockingbird or a Bluebonnet in front of her. But, she insisted on coloring a longhorn and in orange. I don't know where we've gone wrong. :)
Moments after snapping that picture, she claimed I distracted her requiring her to scribble out "REAN" replacing it with "REAGAN". I wasn't allowed to take any more pictures after that.

Well, except for this one, but it was taken after we got home. Do you think she likes her cowgirl boots and cowgirl hat?